EC Tech Report Bio-based Coatings

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Publication date: 2022
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Download all the know-how about these types of biobased coatings! You will learn all about the benefits of biopolymers, see how bio-based binders improve your decorative paints and go into more detail about the different application methods for green coatings. We have hand-picked the most important key aspects while still providing you with all the important information on biobased coatings. This saves valuable time when exploring a new topic!


  • Basics about bio-based polymers
  • Improving hybrid coatings
  • Reducing an end product's carbon footprint
  • Bio-based decorative paints
  • And many more, enabling professionals to develop green solutions!

Here's what you can expect from this Tech Report:

EC Tech Report - Bio-Based Coatings

  • Advantages of green raw materials and their extensive functionality.
  • Learings on the optimization of sustainble coatings.
  • Reductiong coating's carbon footprint without risking sacrificing performance.
  • Valuable market insights for making well-informed decisions.

Our recommendation

This Tech Report is ideal for:

  • All formulators and technicians who would like to delve deeper into this topic.
  • Beginners and career changers who want to familiarise themselves with this topic in the shortest possible time.
  • Long-time experts who want to refresh their knowledge.
  • For all those who want to venture a look beyond the horizon.

What's EC Tech Report

Selected premium content, tailored to your needs!

  • All the important information on specific topics that you want to delve into - conveniently bundled.
  • Every content is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals in the coatings industry.
  • EC Tech Report focuses on the most important topics and is therefore able to fit in even more knowledge.
  • Available as a PDF to the device of your choice or take it with you as a slim print version - the choice is yours.

Everything you need to know about bio-based coatings is here!

Don't miss out on our knowledge collections and save valuable time - whether you want to familiarise yourself with new topics or deepen existing knowledge. We have compiled the information you really need!


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