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Publication date: 2022
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Making coating systems more environmentally compatible is a burning issue for everyone in the industry, and one that is being fuelled by the European Green Deal. Learn all you need to know about sustainable coatings, how to produce coatings in a more environmentally friendly way and how to give coated products a longer service life. You will find an overview in the EC Tech Report of the many various approaches being adopted. We will dive deep into the European Green Deal, its key points and main purpose as well as consequences for the coating industry, see which new raw materials are being developed to replace or lower the content of products in the SVHC group and learn about different approaches to sustainable paint formulation.


  • Sustainable development of coatings
  • Different approaches to paint formulation
  • Market changes due to supply issues and regulations
  • Sustainable wood coatings and their life cycle
  • Additives to prevent the degradation of coatings
  • And many more content, bringing formulators closer to the destination marked out in the European Green Deal

    Here's what you can expect from this Tech Report:

    EC Tech Report - Sustainability

    • A deep dive into the European Green Deal, including its key points, purposes as well as consequences for the industry.
    • The presentation of new types of coatings raw materials, their development, intended uses and practical tips on their use.
    • Explaining new paint formulation approaches to develop more sustainable solutions.

    Our recommendation

    This Tech Report is ideal for:

    • All formulators and technicians who would like to delve deeper into this topic.
    • Beginners and career changers who want to familiarise themselves with this topic in the shortest possible time.
    • Long-time experts who want to refresh their knowledge.
    • For all those who want to venture a look beyond the horizon.

    What's EC Tech Report

    Selected premium content, tailored to your needs!

    • All the important information on specific topics that you want to delve into - conveniently bundled.
    • Every content is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals in the coatings industry.
    • EC Tech Report focuses on the most important topics and is therefore able to fit in even more knowledge.
    • Available as a PDF to the device of your choice or take it with you as a slim print version - the choice is yours.

    Everything you need to know about sustainability in one file!

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