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The EC Tech Reports contain all the important information on specific topics that you want to delve into - conveniently bundled. This saves valuable time!


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EC Tech Report bundles the latest technical developments, complemented by in-depth basic knowledge, precisely tailored to the needs of coatings formulators and technicians and enhanced by extensive bonus material, such as videos, podcasts and presentations from top-notch speakers our leading conferences, e.g. ECS Conference. Get our compact knowledge collections - the perfect companions in your daily work!
EC Tech Report Sustainabilty


Perhaps our fullest Tech Report so far! Ee have put together a rich, in-depth and yet concise package of knowledge on the topic of sustainability:  From general basic knowledge about the European Green Deal, to sustainable raw materials, to formulation knowledge that will help you create sustainable and practical paint solutions. Everything you need to know - in a single file! Available als PDF or printed version.

Bio-Based Coatings

A hand-picked selection of the most important key aspects concerning bio-based coatings: Download all the know-how about these types of coatings now, learn all about the benefits of biopolymers, see how bio-based binders improve your decorative paints and go into more detail about the different application methods for green coatings. Available as PDF or printed version!

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Water-Borne Coatings

EC Tech Report "Water-Borne Coatings". All you need to know about the transistion from solvent-based to water-based coatings. Loaded with content on the most important fundamentals, deep dives into coatings raw materials as well as market insights. A must-have for every formulator, wanting to deepen their knowledge on water-borne coatings! 

Imagine being able to access all the latest and relevant contents on a topic in one compact collection of knowledge. EC Tech Report offers you just that! With our handy knowledge collections on a specific topic, hours of research in several thick reference books just to get a quick overview is finally a thing of the past!

Dive deep into topics of the coatings industry but focus on the essentials! Whether at home or in the lab, on your computer, smartphone or as printed version. EC Tech Report is available digitally or as printed version. Every Tech Report comes with informative bonus material, such as videos and presentations by long-standing industry insiders.

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